Faith and My Personal Transformation

It’s been said that health is not a commodity to be bargained for; it has to be earned. According to the dictionary, the word transform means change in form or appearance. Such has been my case for two years. After filing for a divorce almost nine years ago, I feared the unknown; could I make it on my own by myself and what would be my destiny in this life? My faith was tested. I gain a large amount of weight within those years. That ending of my life opened up a brand-new path for me to walk down.

Not until I decided to change my thoughts, to get healthy again was my new goals and renew my personal core values of what I wanted in life did I become renewed. The meaning for faith is –belief without proof. Many have asked me how I became transformed, and this is why I want to share with the reader. I made a spirit, mind, body and soul transformation with the YMCA’s help located across the street from my home and up the street!. It took courage and disciple to achieve a personal transformation; others may have high demands on their personal and family lives that can be assessed only by them; or fear comes into play which has to be acknowledged and removed only by them.

To start building I took a personal inventory of my strengths, talents, gifts, weaknesses and abilities of what I should do at the YMCA. Before age 40, I was healthy and only ate nutritional foods for my body. I had already changed my diet at age 26. Our family has a long history of cancer. Since I was five years old, I can remember my grandmother’s death of colon cancer and the rest of the family. I did not want to face this disease. I gained 20 pounds the first two years after my divorce. I wore a size 10 clothing before. The 3rd and 4th years I wore a size 12 and stayed there until 2005. The unmanaged stress, meeting my financial obligations and the challenges of the divorce, raising five children on my own left me vulnerable and unhealthy in body and sprit. As a woman over the age of 40, I built up a huge amount of stress hormones.

In 2004, weighing 184 pounds, and having a body mass index of (BMI) of 45, this was certainly not in good health nor my heart. I began getting ready for my 50th birthday and my new image. I had been pretty ill with a condition called fibromyalgia (muscle pain/autoimmune deficiency) and ragweed allergies. I am a massage therapist someday with muscle pain, stiffness, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, congestion, and very low spirits would come into play.

I knew that anything worth it is easy you have to apply faith daily. I joined the YMCA across the street from my home and sought natural and medical treatment for my conditions. Here I apply my faith into action. The first month I did kickboxing and yoga

Two – three times a week. Even though you are told with fibromyalgia you should not do demanding aerobic exercising. Kickboxing became my best friend. The movement along with my faith in myself challenged me to push my muscles where they hadn’t been. With a daily dose of spiritual practices, discipline, courage, and confidence I was able to get moving. I felt energized! Determination became my mantra. Determination means to decide with one’s mind firmly made up.

Initially, I added yoga three times a week to reduce the strains of my hectic life that left me with physical pain and disease. My emotions and mental outlook were unbalanced as well. I held onto childhood, adulthood, and physical pain and suffering within my body, which stored these in my cell memory. In order to lose weight and change to a healthier lifestyle, we must gain control over our physical, emotional, mental, and negative thought patterns this takes a huge act of faith., It has been proven that when trying to eliminate a negative behavior, one must replace it with positive actions for a least 30 days. This can only be done in faith one day at a time. I had to retrain my mind to love, and to convince myself to get out of bed and eliminate the excess baggage of negative emotions and fat cells. My spiritual practice of meditation, prayers, exercising that start at 6 a.m. and eating healthy balance my overall out look. Then learning to let go of any thing in my life that didn’t serve me any more this really took faith and trust. Clearing the clutter of my life.

The Bible says, “ Now faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1, KJV). My personal transformation was a hope that I wanted, yet it was unseen until later. I was willing to put my faith into action. I now have a BMI of 22, weigh 143 and wear a size 4-6. I no longer have muscle pains and stiffness. My ragweed problems are being treated weekly. My body is lighter because I lost emotional baggage and toxins left that didn’t serve me or anyone else. When making change one must look ahead and apply the simple principle of faith daily. After two years I still get out of bed early, after mediation and prayer head off to the YMCA for my faithful exercise programs!