More Magazine Led Me to More
At age 49, I was in need of a personal transformation. In one year I would be turning 50, and I set a personal goal to regain my health by then. I did not want to continue feeling tired, sick and left without energy. Faced with fibromyalgia and seasonal allergies, I was told by doctors not to do major high-impact aerobics. I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea, and I had to use a breathing machine to get oxygen at night.

My first month of exercising, I started slowly. I did kickboxing two days a week and yoga once a week. My weight was then 184 pounds, Body Mass Index 35. Later I increased kickboxing to three days, with yoga still only once a week, adding Pilates to tone my abs. 

Now it is six months later. After losing weight, my sleep was enhanced. With a daily dose of spiritual practice, discipline, courage, and confidence, I was able to get moving. The physical demands of aerobic exercise increased my body’s consumption of oxygen and improved the functioning of the circulatory system. Kickboxing became my best friend twice a week. The exercise challenged me to push my muscles where they hadn’t been before. By this time I had lost 15 pounds. 

I was getting healthier, but something was still missing. Here’s how MoreMagazine inspired me and helped me to remember my own destiny! Early one morning, I had an impulse to turn on the TV. The More “Over Forty and Fabulous” contest winners were on. When I saw this, I thought, “Wow! I wanted to model when I was twelve years old. And it’s not too late!” At that point, I became really dedicated to my personal transformation and healthy goals. I went to the phone and called More Magazine in New York to ask when was the next contest date.

I had thought that part of my life was over and done, after twenty-one years of marriage and six children, involving four Caesarean births, including 7-lb. twins. My abdominal muscles were stretched beyond imagination. Still, deep within my spirit, I committed myself to this personal goal to win the More contest. Visualization was vitally important to reaching my personal goals. A voice was saying, “Carol you can do it, you can master this goal, one day at a time. You will win over your weakness!”   In my mind, I visualized myself slowly doing all the aerobics, even high-impact, one at a time. Fitness determination daily became my best friend and hope.

I cut my carbs to 40 grams per day. Increasing my water and drinking apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water three times a day helped removed the lactic acid from my muscles. Vitamin B 100’s helped me become balanced within my nerves, muscles, and cells. I added MSM and glucosamine to repair cartilage in the bones damaged as a result of weight loss. These also tighten the skin. Of course, calcium, magnesium, and zinc were used to replenish my bones, tendons, blood and muscles.

My emotions and mental outlook were initially unbalanced. I had held onto years of physical and emotional pain and suffering within my body, which stored these into my cell memory. In order to for me to lose weight, I had to change to atotally healthier lifestyle, gaining control over negative physical, emotional, and mental thought patterns. I had to retrain my mind to love, and to convince myself to get out of bed and eliminate the excess baggage I was holding on to. I added yoga once a week to reduce the strains of my hectic life, which were causing me physical pain and disease.

By this time, I had lost 20 pounds of negative emotional and physical fat toxins. At my birthday one year after starting my transformation, a guest came in and said, “Carol, you look like a model!” Little did he know I was in training for theMore Magazine “Over Forty and Fabulous” contest for the upcoming year. 

Since people were noticing my new image, I thought I should find a modeling agency to take me. Although I searched, I couldn’t find one. Then a modeling school returned my call. After I auditioned for them, they called me back. I entered the school at fifty years of age. Most of the students and teachers were young enough to be my children! It was a little intimidating.

I kept in mind my goal, the More Magazine contest, which kept me focused and living my destiny. The modeling teacher would ask, “What is your purpose?” My response every time was to do editorials, print and catalog work. Then I came to love runway. My passion and purpose included all the performing arts of modeling. In every situation, there are setbacks, stumbling blocks, road blocks and challenges; however, I never lost sight of my goals of fulfilling my childhood destiny and dreams. My weight and size by this time were 165 pounds, Size 6-8, with a BMI of 28.

A year later, a talent agency and television station were doing an “Over 40 and Fabulous” contest in my local hometown. I was wearing a Size 4-6 now and weighing 150 pounds, 24 BMI. I entered the contest and was one of the finalists! I didn’t win, but this gave me the experience to know that I still wanted this career. I signed up with a local talent agency. One of the women in the contest re-opened her own agency and called me to teach the performing art of modeling. I also entered the More contest. I was excited! My dreams were now coming true, as I stepped into my destiny.

The More contest was over, and I didn’t get a call. I was crushed! Tears flowed down my face as I was driving down the road on that final day. My spirits were low. I live and breathe this goal, so I wanted to become a winner to fulfill my inner destiny. I thought I would never get another chance to live out my destiny because of my age. Still, something kept urging me to keep moving forward. My son told me, “Something else will open up!” 

I knew my spiritual strengths, doubts and fears. I felt I was at the crossroads. Crossroads are simply just what they are: roads where decisions are made. You may go here or there, or over there and around the curves. I just had to cross one way or the other by making a conscious choice with my eyes wide open. I saw myself working in New York—and still do, as of this day. It has been my dream for 39 years. It was my goal and dream to share my artistic expressions with the world. 

Thinking that the More contest was my only way to achieve my dreams, I thought my fulfillment was lost. The next day, I revisited my childhood in my mind. Then I asked the agent in my local hometown to submit me to a national agency in the South. She did, and I am now signed with them, just seven weeks after the More contest ended. 

More Magazine inspired me to follow my heart and passions in modeling. If I hadn’t seen and been inspired by the “Over Forty and Fabulous” winners that day, I would not have remembered my dreams and created my own destiny. I thank you,More, for your commitment to women over forty!