The Plants Speak About Skin Care

Rosemary is my name, and I am a gentle stimulant for the entire body: an antiseptic, a headache dispeller, and a medicine for you heart! Also a culinary herb, yet many people involved in folk medicine believe that I am a cure-all plant. Not only am I an herbal medicine, but I am a garden aid, and am known for my cosmetic powers. You use me in oils, scrubs, tinctures, bath salts, massage oil, and for cooking.

In 1550, herbalists said that my tea had “much worth against all evils in the body.” Does your memory ever leave you? If it does, rosemary will help to sharpen your memory. Our European and American ancestors believed that I also comforted the brain.
Recently, I attended an Herbal Fundamental Program in Geogia. As I was driving back from Georgia I felt a need to share how the plant, Dandelion Speak to us:

“Everyone thinks that I am only a troublesome weed in the yard! I have fooled them.. I am a wildflower, as well as a useful plant. Many people eat my bitter leaves in salads during the spring with a touch of lemon, oil, nutmeg, or with a hard-boiled egg. Often, I am mixed with other plants to provide relief for muscle pain and backaches. I even have a positive effect upon the female organs.”

When I had my fourth child, I developed Hepatitis C, which often causes cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. I began to drink carrot juice to aid in healing my liver. I did know that the beloved dandelion that is detested by some people could be used to stimulate and cleanse a sluggish live: I simmered 2 ounces of fresh root in 2 pints of water, and drink 2-4 ounces daily. I still do now, but now add apple, spinach, garlic, celery and parsley.

“My plant is both medicinal and cosmetic. The ‘barefoot doctors’ of China used me for healing purposes. Sometimes my tops are crushed, simmered and placed on breast abscesses. I am a tonic and can be used on a long-term basis to strengthen the body after illness. I am good with honey and even milk. Many people use me as a stimulant for the scalp, a breath freshener, a skin tonic, and an immune system booster.”